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We receive a lot of questions about our plumbing solutions from our clients. To make things easier for you, we’ve addressed some of the most common on this page. We’re always happy to help, so please give us a call if you’d like to know more about our services and processes.

What do your plumbers do?

Our plumbers are prepared to handle all plumbing maintenance, repairs, replacements and installation. Check out our services page for a complete list.

What if I have no hot water?

If you have a gas hot water system, check to see whether your other gas appliances are still working. Once you’ve checked, give our team a call on
03 9722 2178 and we’ll help you work through the problem or send someone out to your property right away.

What if my tap is leaking or breaks off?

Turn the water off at the stop valve in the cupboard below, or at the mains (normally located at the front of the house). Once you’ve done that,
call Plumbing Force 03 9722 2178 right away.

My toilet keeps running – what can I do to stop it?

Turn off the isolation tap next to the toilet (turn clockwise to ‘off’). If this fails, turn the water off at the mains, and call us on 03 9722 2178 .

How long does it normally take to clear a blocked drain?

This process takes about an hour, depending on the situation. Our team will assess the blockage to determine the most appropriate course of action. We always aim to complete our work effectively and as quickly as possible.

What happens if I am not happy with the work?

We are very proud of the service and work we provide at Plumbing Force and customer feedback is important to us. If you have any concerns or queries, please give us a call at your convenience.